Jan 17 2022

January Update

Tomato Summer Promotions

Over summer, TomatoesNZ has plans in place to showcase the wonderful tomatoes you grow and try a few new and creative ideas to entice more people to enjoy tomatoes through promotions.
TNZ has engaged food writer and previous MasterChef contestant, Vanessa Baxter, to put together a full marketing campaign using social, digital and traditional media. An expert with food, Vanessa’s passion for freshly grown tomatoes shines through in the work she produces. Vanessa will be publishing content regularly on TNZ’s Facebook and Instagram pages and plans to have a bit of fun with tomatoes on TikTok.

“I’m passionate about fresh food and have loads of exciting ideas I’d love to develop for TomatoesNZ,” says Vanessa. “I’m excited to be your dedicated digital social media manager to devise a social strategy, write and schedule eye-catching and engaging posts and curate your
social channels. “I look forward to working with you all and maybe we can ketchup soon.”

Please like, follow, and share our social media pages using the handle: @nztomatoes.

Our friends at 5+ A Day are sharing beautiful photos and recipes using tomatoes in the lead up to Christmas too. You can share their great work by going to @5adaynz.
Popular chef, Simon Gault, will also be on board to complement the great work Vanessa and 5+ A Day are doing. Many of you will recognise Simon from his frequent media appearances and as a celebrity chef judge on MasterChef New Zealand. He has been busy over the past few months honing his filming skills and has been publishing lots of helpful short cooking videos on his social media and YouTube channels. Simon will be filming a series of tomato and summer vegetable videos during January and February which we will share with you via our social media. We’d love you to share these too. We can’t wait to see what fresh creations he comes up with for us!

Sector decarbonisation and emissions reduction plan update
If it feels like TNZ has spent most of this year talking about energy use and lowering emissions, it is because we have! There have been several rounds of consultation this year, the most recent being a discussion paper on the government’s draft Emissions Reduction Plan to which at
the time of writing we are finalising our response.
In February, the Climate Change Commission (CCC) released their Draft Advice for consultation which included advice on the first three emissions budgets and on policy direction for the government’s first emissions reduction plan. Their finalised advice was tabled in Parliament at the end of May and made public early June. It incorporates feedback from approximately 15,000 submissions received on their initial draft advice.
In May, TNZ submitted on a proposal by the Ministry for the Environment (MfE) for phasing out fossil fuels in process heat, with a phasing out of coal in existing sites by 2037 for low and medium temperature process heat. And in September, we provided feedback on MfE’s consultation to reform some aspects of the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) industrial allocations including eligibility criteria, calculations, data and how best to support growers.

To help with solutions, TomatoesNZ and Vegetables NZ (representing other greenhouse vegetable growers), partnered in an industry collaboration agreement with the Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority (EECA). The collaborative agreement supports projects helping the sector with energy efficiency measures and renewable energy conversions. So far EECA have co-funded sector data analysis, a technology scan, and work on a sector decarbonisation plan. We will
share information on this plan to improve energy efficiency and transition to low emission fuels with growers over the next few months.

This year saw the start of government-run quarterly ETS auctions to allocate New Zealand units (NZUs) to market participants. We have seen the price of units rise this year from $35 to $65 on the spot market, with the next auction on 1 December. This rapid increase in carbon pricing, on top of other cost increases, is very much starting to bite. To help access useful information on greenhouse energy efficiency measures for New Zealand growers, we have published a series of articles written by local greenhouse specialist Elly Nederhoff. There are now 14 articles covering areas from humidity control to climate screens.

This series of articles is also available on our website under Energy efficiency for growers. We encourage you to read them if you haven’t already done so. The webpage is: https://www.tomatoesnz.co.nz/hot-topics/energy-efficiency-forgrowers/


TNZ had a constructive meeting with PACT Group (owner of Viscount FCC) in early November to discuss concerns raised by growers on crate supply and to gain a better understanding of their crate cleaning process to help avoid spread of diseases such as PepMV (Pepino Mosaic Virus).
We were reassured that they are fully aware of the situation and working hard to improve supply. They have 90,000 new crates due to start arriving from early December and they will be aiming to get these crates fed into the supply circuit as soon as possible.
They also take crate cleaning very seriously and are open to feedback so they can trace any issues in this area. They have improved their crate washing process quite substantially over the past few months and will soon trial a new steam cleaning unit in their Auckland plant.
They did raise some concern that growers may be overordering crates to ensure they had enough supply on hand for orders. This creates a vicious circle when crates are tight and they do request that growers work closely with them to only order what they need.