Fresh Tomato Industry Strategy


To be economically and environmentally sustainable growers of healthy, safe and nutritious fresh tomatoes in a progressive industry that will attract investment.


The NZ Fresh Tomato Industry will double in value to $200 million by October 2020.

Core Values

TomatoesNZ will: 

1.  Preserve the right of passionate NZ growers to grow great tomatoes for New Zealanders and the world.
2. Consider how industry business decisions affect society and the environment. 


TomatoesNZ's role is identifying industry wide issues and initiatives that can be dealt with at an industry level, facilitating the industry vision and goal.

The current TomatoesNZ Strategy document for the Fresh Tomato Industry, updated October 2016, can be downloaded below.  

TNZ Strategy Initiatives (Attachment One) lists work currently underway or proposed  to address the strategy planks.     

TomatoesNZ Board

The TomatoesNZ Board would like to welcome you to the TomatoesNZ Website.


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