Join TomatoesNZ Inc.

If you are a New Zealand commercial fresh tomato grower, having paid levy to TomatoesNZ (as part of Horticulture New Zealand) in the past 12 months, we invite you to complete the Membership Application form for joining Tomatoes New Zealand Incorporated. Membership of the new society is not automatic.

All current TomatoesNZ members should receive an application form in the post in September. Or, you can complete the membership form and submit it online here

[Definition of Grower Member [Clause 4.1]: A person will be eligible to become a Member if that person is actively engaged in the commercial production of tomatoes in New Zealand for sale on the fresh domestic or fresh export markets and who, in the preceding 12 month period (or part thereof), has paid a levy, (but excluding tomatoes grown for processing).



[If an unincorporated trust, list the full names of all trustees]


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During the TNZ AGM meeting on 28th July 2015, Fifteen fresh tomato growers signed the Incorporated Society application form, and that is now being submitted to the companies office. We hope to have the society up and running by the end of 2015, to take over the business of TomatoesNZ from 1 April 2016.  Growers will be required continue paying levies to Horticulture New Zealand until the current levy order expires, when a new one will be sort for TomatoesNZ Inc.