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Please find below some useful documents for growers.

These documents will be reviewed periodically but generally speaking the content is supported by TomatoesNZ as best practice for growers with the knowledge available at the time of writing.

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Information about the residue compliance booklet: When using agrichemicals on your indoor tomato plants, it is important to check the compliance regulations for each activate in the product you are using. This will ensure that you aren't sending tomatoes to market when there are still harmful residues present. It is a good idea to read the information in this booklet along with the information contained on the product label and exercise caution. If in doubt, you can send samples to be tested at a laboratory to make sure that your crop complies with the minimum residue limits (MRL). The booklet below contains MRLs and Withholding Periods (WHP) for common activates in the New Zealand market contained in insecticides and fungicides including biopesticides.