August update

9 August 2021

*Pepino mosaic virus on tomatoes update* Given the highly transmissible nature of the Pepino Mosaic Virus (PepMV), industry and MPI have...

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July update

27 July 2021

*Pepino mosaic virus found in tomatoes* A virus that affects tomatoes was found in plants in April & May at several...

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May 2021 update

5 May 2021

*Grower energy workshops* We are hosting two workshops focusing on energy for greenhouse growers in May. We have speakers presenting on...

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April 2021 update

7 April 2021

Fresh tomato summer promotion TomatoesNZ invested in a new fresh tomato promotional campaign to remind kiwis to enjoy tomatoes during the...

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March 2021 update

5 March 2021

Consultation open on sweeping new measures to reduce NZ’s emissions The Climate Change Commission (CCC) released their Draft Advice for consultation...

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