October update

10 October 2019

*Covered crop health & safety workshop* During August TomatoesNZ facilitated a workshop with a small group of covered crop growers and...

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September 2019

4 September 2019

*Annual General Meeting Report* Around 40 people attended the TomatoesNZ annual general meeting at Mystery Creek on 31st July. TomatoesNZ chair,...

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July Monthly Update

10 July 2019

*TomatoesNZ AGM and Covered Crop Presentations at Horticulture Conference* Don’t forget to register for the Horticulture Conference on 31 July –...

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May Monthly Update

14 May 2019

*Biocontrol workshops* Fresh tomato and indoor vegetable growers and industry people were invited to two workshops during March, in Clevedon and...

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March Monthly Update

29 March 2019

*Biosecurity Workshop* The TNZ board, along with key industry partners, participated in a biosecurity response simulation exercise run by Biosecurity NZ...

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