Apr 28 2022

Energy efficiency for growers

e book front cover2

Following a series of updated articles published in the NZGrower magazine over the period September 2020 to August 2021, Elly Nederhoff, undercover crop specialist, has now compiled these articles into an easy to read e-book.

'Greenhouse Energy Efficiency - growing more and better with less fuel in commercial greenhouses' is available for all to download at this website:


If you would prefer to print a copy, please email tomatoes@hortnz.co.nz for a printable version.

More about the e-book: 

Reducing energy use for greenhouse climate control toward decarbonisation of covered crops in New Zealand

Growers of covered crops in the Netherlands have been addressing the energy challenge for over a decade, and developed innovative glasshouse control technology and practices. They include smarter control of temperature, humidity and CO2, using screens, fans and mechanical ventilation, and at the high end of the spectrum the use of semi-closed glasshouses and underground heat-and-cool storage, and more. A lot of it will be useful for the decarbonisation of covered crop production in New Zealand.

Another great read is the Technology Scan: Innovative technology for transition to a low-carbon greenhouse industry, which gives a comprehensive overview from the Dutch tomato industry. You can download the article below.