Tomatoes New Zealand plays a role in helping to keep new pests entering and establishing in New Zealand. 

Poinsettia Thrips

*July 2018*

*Successful partnership prevented establishment of new pest*

MPI and affected industry GIA partners including TomatoesNZ have agreed to “stand down” the Poinsettia Thrips (Echniothrips americanas)...

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Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

How to make a submission on the Samurai Wasp application

The Environmental protection Authority (EPA) has called for public submissions on the release of Samurai Wasp,...

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Exotic pests - fact sheets

November 2018

UPDATED “fact sheets” covering our most unwanted exotic tomato pests can be downloaded below:

Chilli thrips Tomato torrado virus (ToTV) Tomato leafminer Pepino mosaic virus...

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Biosecurity Survey

We have recently sent out a biosecurity survey by email to all Fresh Tomato growers. If you haven't received it it may be because we...

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What is Farm Biosecurity?

Farm biosecurity for indoor tomato growers

What is Farm Biosecurity?

It has been estimated that plant pests are responsible for up to 15% loss in potential farm...

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Biosecurity Response

An exotic pest arrives – What happens next?

The arrival of an exotic pest or disease can rapidly impact on a grower’s livelihood together with that...

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GIA - Industry's Role

*Government Industry Agreements – What is industry’s role?*

Tomatoes New Zealand (TNZ Inc.) and Vegetables New Zealand Inc. (VNZ Inc.) have now both signed the GIA...

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New Levy Proposed

At the 2017 AGM on July 12th, TomatoesNZ will be asking fresh tomato growers to support TomatoesNZ’ s commitment to sign up to Operational Agreements...

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