Resources for tomato site biosecurity

Farm or site biosecurity is "management practices and activities that are carried out on your property to prevent the entry and spread of pests". 

The "printable" biosecurity resources  downloadable from this page are designed for use by fresh tomato growers.

For information on specific pests and diseases of concern, please go to the Exotic Pest Fact Sheets.

Biosecurity Plan and Checklist 

TomatoesNZ have produced a guidance document, the Tomato Grower Biosecurity Plan and Checklist, to assist growers  identify and manage biosecurity on their properties. 

The last pages include a Biosecurity Best Practice Checklist – exploring the concepts above in more detail.  Completing the checklist will give you the opportunity to see what you are already doing and what you might want to consider including in your growing operation in future.   

Download the Tomato Grower Biosecurity Plan and Checklist 2017

Fact Sheets

The below farm biosecurity fact sheets  give advice to assist with managing biosecurity on your property.

Fact Sheet 1 - Production Site Biosecurity

Fact Sheet 2 - Pest, disease and weed surveillance

Fact Sheet 3 - On-site vehicle and machinery cleaning


Click the pictures below to access a printable version:

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