TomatoesNZ contribute to fresh vegetable promotional activities, the main promotion tool is the website.


At TomatoesNZ we know how good locally grown fresh tomatoes are and we want everyone else to know too.  We’ve produced two short informative animations about our fresh tomatoes which we would like to share with you and we encourage you to share it too.


Some facts about our tomatoes

  • Grown locally by skilled kiwi growers in glasshouses for kiwis to enjoy year round
  • New Zealand’s high light levels provide superior growing conditions for tomatoes
  • Ripened on the vine to lock in the sweetness
  • Hand selected and delivered locally to major stores daily
  • Full of natural vitamin C and contain the powerful antioxidant lycopene
  • Available in many varieties for you to enjoy in your favourite dishes


Key informaton about our industry

  • It’s important New Zealand protects its booming fresh produce industry which employs thousands of New Zealanders
  •  Irradiation is commonly used to treat Australian tomatoes imported into New Zealand to manage the risks of introducing Queensland Fruit Fly to New Zealand.
  • All irradiated imported produce must be clearly identified at the point of sale.
  • Food must be labelled (or have a label displayed on or close to it) stating that it has been treated with ionising radiation, meeting the labelling requirement of FSANZ, Standard 1.5.3.
  • Should you see Australian produce for sale without the signage you should contact MPI directly at or on freephone 0800 00 83 33.
  • Help keep New Zealand Horticulture Industry and Kiwis safe.


For information on buying, storing and eating NZ fresh tomatoes, please go to the tomato page on the website.

Fresh Tomato Promotion

TomatoesNZ contributes to fresh vegetable promotional activities, whose main promotion tool is the website and programmes including:

  • Advising chefs, cooking schools and polytechnics on vegetable seasonality and preparation
  • Developing and managing retailer promotional programmes
  • Promoting fresh vegetable usage to the hospitality and food service sectors
  • Publishing fresh vegetable cookbooks
  • Promoting fresh vegetables consumption to NZ health professionals
  • Continuing to promote the United Fresh: 5+ A DAY campaign

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5+ A Day

TomatoesNZ is a member of United Fresh which runs the 5+ A Day programme, promoting the health benefits of eating more fruit and vegetables.

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