Commodity Levy

Fresh Tomato Commodity Levy Referendum 2018

What is proposed?

As a fresh tomato grower you will receive your voting papers for the fresh Tomato commodity levy referendum in July 2018.

Ballot papers will be...

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What is the process?

• TomatoesNZ needs your support in the July 2018 referendum so that we can continue working for the fresh tomato industry.

• Tomato growers will be...

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What are the changes?

It is proposed that the requirements in the new fresh tomato commodity levy order will be the same as the current order, except for the...

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Highlights from the last five years

Your fresh tomato levies have enabled the following activities, which align with the four TomatoesNZ strategy planks:

*Enhance Sustainability IMG 0073 *

*Crop protection* – sustainable pest...

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What are we most proud of?

A lot has been achieved since we confirmed your support with the 2013 levy referendum. We'd like to share some some highlights:

*‘Fresher by Sea’ postharvest...

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