New Zealanders love fresh tomatoes

TomatoesNZ represents the interests of all commercial fresh tomato growers throughout New Zealand.

If you grow tomatoes in NZ for the commercial market, you should be paying a levy to TomatoesNZ . We use this levy to represent the interests of all growers in a variety of ways.

New Zealanders love fresh tomatoes. The Statistics New Zealand Household Economic Survey reported that New Zealand households spent $109million on fresh tomatoes in the year to June 2019, making tomatoes the most popular vegetable by household annual spend. 

There are about 120 growers who produce standard and specialty fresh tomatoes that have a farm gate value of $152 million per annum, including $4.1 million of exports to end June 2022. The principal export market is Japan and product is also exported to many Pacific Rim and Pacific island countries.

This website, for TomatoesNZ members and for people interested in the tomato industry, is funded from the commodity levy paid by New Zealand's commercial fresh tomato growers.

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