Tomatoes New Zealand plays a role in helping to keep new pests entering and establishing in New Zealand. 

New Levy Proposed

At the 2017 AGM on July 12th, TomatoesNZ will be asking fresh tomato growers to support TomatoesNZ’ s  commitment to sign up to Operational Agreements...

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Exotic pests - fact sheets

Early Detection – Our Second Line of Defence

This page includes information “fact sheets” about pests that are not wanted in NZ. The first set of fact...

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GIA - Industry's Role

*Government Industry Agreements – What is industry’s role?*

Tomatoes New Zealand (TNZ Inc.) and Vegetables New Zealand Inc. (VNZ Inc.) have now both signed the GIA...

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Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

The BMSB risk season (summer) is well and truly underway, with MPI reporting as many detections at the border already this season as for the...

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