Welcome to the TomatoesNZ Board and Management

Governance of TomatoesNZ is carried out by a board of six elected members (commercial tomato growers), three co-opted members, an independent chairman, and two observers.  In around May each year and prior to the Annual General Meeting, TomatoesNZ members have an opportunity to nominate grower representatives to fill the "elected member" board positions. 


Helen Barnes (Business Manager)

Horticulture New Zealand
P O Box 10232, The Terrace, Wellington, 6143
Phone: 04 472 3795 

Alasdair MacLeod (Chairman)
57 Oak Road
Poraiti, RD 2, Napier
Phone: 06 844 5828; Mobile: 021 636 905

Malcolm Pook (Vice Chairman)

Pomoana Gardens Ltd

Anthony Tringham

The Curious Croppers
Clevedon, Auckland

Hayden Armstrong
Fairfield Estate Ltd

Tony Norton

Nortonta Ltd, Christchurch

Simon Watson

Underglass Bombay Ltd, Drury

Edward Lee

Lee Wang Hothouse Ltd

Lex Dillon (Co-opted member)

Underglass Karaka Ltd, Drury

Anthony Stone (Co-opted member)

T&G Global Ltd
Mangere Bridge, Auckland

Richard Cameron (Co-opted member)

MG Marketing, Christchurch
Mobile: 021 227 5932

Ben Smith (Observer)

T&G Global Ltd
Mangere Bridge, Auckland








TomatoesNZ Board

The TomatoesNZ Board would like to welcome you to the TomatoesNZ Website.


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