Aug 20 2014

Government Industry Agreements (GIA) - What next?

At the recent AGM, TNZ members have gave mandate to pursue signing the GIA Deed which includes closer engagement between MPI and industry on improving biosecurity systems, joint decision making on preparing for and responding to pest/disease incursions and sharing the costs of these activities between Government and Industry.

In order to sign the GIA Deed an organisation must be a legal entity. Currently TNZ is not a stand-alone legal entity and effectively operates like a ‘branch’ of HortNZ. As the most appropriate type of legal entity for TNZ to become is an Incorporated Society we are currently working through the details of this. The TNZ committee are of the opinion that becoming an Incorporated Society is not in any way a means of dissociating TNZ from HortNZ and the current relationship will be maintained. Once the Incorporated Society has been formed an application is then made to the minister to sign the GIA Deed.

There are still some major and complex decisions to be made going forward with regard to GIA such as industry versus government portion of cost sharing, how industries are valued and the subsequent apportionment of costs between them and details of any Operational Agreements (OA’s) with regard to specific pest incursions. We are part of these discussions and will keep you informed of further details as they are finalised.

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