Poinsettia Thrips

30 March 2018

*July 2018* *Successful partnership prevented establishment of new pest* MPI and affected industry GIA partners including TomatoesNZ have agreed to “stand down”...

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Biosecurity Levy

14 June 2017

January 2020 The Fresh Tomato Biosecurity Readiness and Response Levy commences on 3rd February 2020. For growers this means that a biosecurity...

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Tomatoes sign GIA

7 September 2016

Tomato industry signs Government Industry Agreement on biosecurity 7th September 2016 Tomatoes New Zealand Incorporated today signed the Deed of the Government...

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Funding GIA

15 June 2016

Funding GIA readiness and response June 2016 It is two years now since TomatoesNZ first approached fresh tomato growers about our sector...

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Applying to sign GIA

15 November 2015

*Applying to sign the GIA Deed* *November 2015* We are finalising Tomatoes New Zealand Inc.’s application to sign the Government Industry Agreement...

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