Nov 08 2018

Monthly Update November

New residue compliance information booklet

A TomatoesNZ “New Zealand residue compliance information for fresh greenhouse tomatoes 2018-19” booklet has been posted to members in early November.  This replaces the previous two-sided A3 “residue compliance information” poster that has been produced for the last two years. We recommend that growers dispose of the poster as some of that information is now out of date.

We have changed to a booklet format so that we can add information on the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) controls for individual trade named products. We had feedback that the EPA information is difficult for growers locate, so the new booklet brings that information into one place. 

The booklet and a spreadsheet (MS Excel) version are also available electronically to members. Please get in touch if you would like the files or more copies of the booklet. It will be updated annually.

We would love to hear from you with any feedback or suggestions for the future format or content of the booklet, so we can continue to improve on the information that we are providing.


Biosecurity exotic pests information

Included in the mail with the booklet are ten “Exotic Pests Fact Sheets”, designed to raise awareness of the high-risk tomato pests that we do not yet have in New Zealand. These are also available for download here

Please familiarise yourself with them, and if you see anything suspicious or unusual, report it to the MPI hotline 0800 80 99 66.


Brown Marmorated Stink Bug reminder

The “risk season” for BMSB incursions is upon us. There is considerable effort by MPI and industry partners, including Tomatoes NZ, to prevent this pest arriving in New Zealand, and preparing to eradicate it if it does arrive.

However, because there is no “lure” for BMSB (like there is for fruit fly), there is no nationwide surveillance programme, so it is very important for the general public, and especially growers, to keep an eye out for this pest and report anything they think could be BMSB.


October Board meeting

The TomatoesNZ board met by teleconference on October 30th. Topics for discussion included imports, export development, food safety and traceability, the emissions trading scheme as well as biosecurity and research updates.   The strategy workplan was also discussed and updated. 


Biosecurity Operational Agreement workshop

On November 6, TomatoesNZ held a workshop in Auckland to progress the Tomatoes Biosecurity Operational Agreement.   Representatives from MPI presented on sector risk organisms for fresh tomatoes and we discussed readiness and response activities with a focus on the role of operational agreements.  

This is a critical and on-going area of work for TomatoesNZ and we'll keep you updated on the activities involved as we progress the fresh tomato operational agreement.