Jun 16 2014

Monthly Update - June 2014

GIA Remit at TomatoesNZ AGM

The following is the remit that will be presented at this year’s TomatoesNZ AGM:

That TomatoesNZ pursue signing the Biosecurity Government Industry Agreement Deed on behalf of New Zealand Fresh Tomato Growers including the formation of an Incorporated Society.

More information on the remit can be found on the TNZ website - www.tomatoesnz.co.nz and on the GIA website – www.gia.org.nz.

Members will also be receiving, by post, all information relevant to the remit decision including background information and options for voting.


TomatoesNZ Newest Board Member – Hayden Armstrong

A late nomination was submitted for Hayden Armstrong for a position on the TomatoesNZ board.  Given there was an unfilled vacancy Hadyn has been appointed.  A brief introduction was provided by Hadyn as follows. 

I have owned Fairfield Estate/Fairfield Produce for 11 years and over this period have had an active role as Shareholder/Director largely focussed on commercial aspects, such as, product, business development and distribution. I have made a recent decision to focus 100% of my time to further grow and develop this business and I have a strong desire to play an active part in strengthening the industry from a Governance standpoint. In addition to my investment in the Horticulture industry, I’m also involved in the tourism, event management and health & Fitness industries. Prior to assuming full management of Fairfield Group, I have held a number of CEO/MD positions in both New Zealand and Australia. I have a graduate degree in Marketing and a MBA from Massey University.


Temporary TomatoesNZ Business Manager

When I was approached to take on the Business Manager role for TomatoesNZ the timing was perfect.  Having recently returned to permanent work after taking time out to look after my 3 young children this was a fantastic opportunity for me to move back into the horticulture industry where my skills and experience lie.  On completion of my Bachelor of Horticultural Science Degree at Massey University my first job was as a salesperson for Chiquita Brands, although not my dream job it gave me a great insight into how the wholesale markets and supply chain worked.  My next role as a Field Officer for MAF Quality Management gave me practical experience in quality control, grade standards and biosecurity requirements.  During my OE I worked for ENZA both as a Quality Controller inspecting apples as they arrived at the ports and as a merchandiser.  After a short stint with Biosecurity NZ when I returned to New Zealand I moved into a role as Horticultural Operations Manager with AsureQuality then eventually into Relationships Manager for the Hawkes Bay Labour Governance Group – dealing with the RSE Scheme.  My latter roles enabled me to develop business oriented skills including budgeting, business planning and project management as well as staff and relationship management.  I am looking forward to working in an industry I am familiar with and hope to be in touch with many of you in the near future.  I can be contacted on 04 470 5666 or Melanie.Dingle@hortnz.co.nz.

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