Feb 04 2020

February 2020 Update


Tomato potato psyllid (TPP) poster

An updated poster with information on the Tomato Potato Pysllid (TPP) was posted to all fresh tomato and vegetable covered crop growers recently.  It is also available to download by clicking here.  


Emissions Trading Scheme – consultations ongoing

Consultation on the Climate Change Response (Emissions Trading Reform) Amendment Bill continues.

In December HortNZ, TomatoesNZ and others made a submission on questions about how the new Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) unit auctioning will function.

In January another submission round saw us submit on questions about a new ETS unit “cost containment reserve” that will replace the current $25 fixed price option; the phase down of industrial allocations; and the pricing system on agricultural emissions.

We continue to highlight that whilst the industry has made significant gains in yield and energy efficiency over the past 10 years, the current infrastructure is reaching its limits and there are not many opportunities for future improvements without significant re-investment in new greenhouses and/or energy technologies. This will not happen without cost-effective technological solutions involving alternative energy sources and/or energy saving; a reasonable transition period; support to make transition a feasible business prospect for growers; and certainty of ETS settings. In the meantime, covered crops should continue to receive industrial allocations, and these should be increased to match those proposed for agriculture (95% compared to the current 60% rebate for tomatoes, capsicums and eggplants).

In late February we will be submitting on another round that is focused on the price and supply of NZ Units. The government is proposing an ETS unit minimum price of $20 and maximum of $50 until 2025.

The submissions can be downloaded HERE.  

I welcome any feedback or comments you have, please email me.