Apr 07 2021

April 2021 update

Fresh tomato summer promotion

TomatoesNZ invested in a new fresh tomato promotional campaign to remind kiwis to enjoy tomatoes during the peak of the summer season, from mid-November to end February, whilst supply was plentiful.  

A series of rotating ads were used on Facebook and interactive stories on Instagram under a new “NZ Tomatoes” handle.  The social media-based campaign’s objective was to increase the frequency of purchase by encouraging shoppers to add tomatoes to their weekly shopping basket.   The plan involved providing recipes, inspiration and nutritional facts to remind consumers of reasons to purchase fresh tomatoes.  

To enhance our social media campaign, we also teamed up with 5+ A Day to use their extensive social media and publicity channels to promote fresh tomatoes.   The team targeted younger kiwis on Instagram to encourage them to eat tomatoes.  They also used a handful of influencers to create and share recipes and inspiration with their large audiences using top quality tomatoes kindly arranged by NZ Hothouse.  The tomato influencer promotion reached over 370,000 people with 3,100 engagements (which is people that react to the content with likes and comments), whilst 5+ A Day’s Facebook posts had over 5000 engagements.   The full report from 5+ A Day is available – if you would like a copy please contact us.

We also had four short, sharp fun tomato promotional videos developed, along with a series of thirty catchy images for use on social media, websites and marketing campaigns.  Growers can share these with their customers, friends and marketers.   The images are available on our website under the Promotion tab, and we can send you the videos – please get in touch and share these widely.

Design 17


Tomato brown rugose fruit virus (ToBRFV) update

Following the early detection of the unwanted virus, the tomato brown rugose fruit virus (ToBRFV), in a small tomato seed lot last year a group of growers, GIA industry partners and Biosecurity NZ met in February to discuss measures growers can adopt for good greenhouse hygiene to prepare for, and help prevent spread of this virus.   This virus is mechanically transmitted so it can be easily spread and can survive on greenhouse surfaces for up to 6 months.

From the meeting, TomatoesNZ and Vegetables NZ are working together to develop information tools for greenhouse growers on effective hygiene practices including a poster with high-resolution photos of virus symptoms for display in key areas, and an information sheet.  The hygiene measures required are similar to those for managing bacterial canker, which many growers have some prior experience of.  Key recommendations are:

  • Start clean, stay clean
  • Maintain or enhance good hygiene practises
  • Staff training and vigilance
  • If something looks wrong, report it to MPI 0800 80 99 66 and get it tested.

A guide for vegetable covered crops biosecurity was published last year and sent to all growers.  More copies are available so if you would like one please contact us.    We also have resources available for growers under the biosecurity tab.   Once the new resources are ready we will send copies to all TomatoesNZ growers, with more available on request.


Collaboration agreement with EECA

We are pleased to advise that we recently signed an industry collaboration agreement with the Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority (EECA).  The collaboration agreement means that we will partner on projects to help the sector with energy efficiency measures and renewable energy conversions.  Vegetables NZ, on behalf of other covered vegetable crop growers, are also working with us on this.

So far EECA have co-funded a couple of projects including some data analysis and a technology scan that is looking at what renewable energy options may be available for growers to consider. More projects will be added as our partnership progresses.

Save the date – grower workshops

We are planning the following workshops to provide information for growers, this time having a key focus on energy for greenhouse tomato and vegetable growers. Details have been emailed to members for two workshops:

  • Christchurch, Wednesday 12th May, morning
  • Auckland, Thursday 18th May, morning

For more information on the workshops please go to our Hot Topics page.