Dec 01 2014

Apps of Interest


An interactive tomato reference tool that helps hobby and master gardeners, professional growers, and consultants identify and manage nearly 30 key diseases, insects, and physiological disorders. The app is rich with images and tips covering everything from cultural to chemical management. Tomato MD is based in part on two APS PRESS Books: Tomato Health Management and the Compendium of Tomato Diseases and Pests, Second Edition. Tomato MD was authored and peer-reviewed by American Phytopathological Society members Margaret McGrath, Gail Ruhl, Michelle Grabowski, Daniel Gilrein, Robert Wick, and Margery Daughtrey. Many others contributed images.

The Tomato MD app from the American Phytopathology Society for android devices can be downloaded from either of the links below.



An app for Android users, the Findbycolour android pest detection app, is now available for download.

The app works by isolating the color(s) of pests in real-time. The app detects the color of the pest when they enter the trap and an audio signal indicates their presence ensuring early detection, helping pest management professionals pinpoint the presence of pests as soon as they enter the trap.

The app works by simply tapping the screen to select the pest color from images of the target pest and placing the phone in position.

The shape of the pest is filled in red making them clearly visible when the pest is moving inside the trap, when the phone is placed on the outside of the trap. Attachable phone lenses such as macro, microscope and zoom lenses will increase the detection range possibilities.

Future versions of the app will have networking capabilities for wireless devices such as ip cameras and wireless bore scopes for remote surveillance and inspection work. The app will also have a text alert system for remote GPS notifications.

For more information on the app, contact the developer at :