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Tomatoes New Zealand is exhibiting  as part of the New Zealand Pavilion at Asia Fruit Logistica, Hong Kong, Wed - Fri, 6 - 8th September 2017

Tomatoes NZ represents New Zealand(NZ) fresh tomato growers and exporters.

NZ has a sophisticated covered crops industry all operating to world's best practice.

New Zealand has the advantage of being in full summer production between October and the end of March, the Northern Hemisphere’s winter.

NZ tomatoes are supplied anywhere in the pacific rim with daily direct flights or sea freight options available.

We have a wide range of specialty tomatoes to offer providing numerous flavour profiles, fruit shapes ,colours and packaging options.

We can also offer food service tomatoes in 10 kg bulk packs, and are happy to work with you to tailor a solution that meets your needs.

NZ Tomato exporters all adhere to internationally recognised food safety standards.








New Zealand Tomato Exporters

Delica Limited | A Turners & Growers Group Company

Gourmet Group Ltd

NZ Hothouse


The New Zealand Tomato Industry

New Zealand has an established track-record of exporting high-quality, safe, fresh produce to the world.

New Zealand export tomatoes are grown to world's best practise in climate-controlled glasshouses maximising the use of natural sunlight and heat.

Outdoor weather conditions are monitored so that the indoor environment can be adjusted to best benefit the crop. An abundance of natural sunshine ensures a fantastic taste and brix level.

The vines are grown in soil-less hydroponic or semi-hydroponic systems with computer controlled management.

CO2 is injected to boost ambient levels, increasing plant health and production.

Bumble bees provide natural pollination resulting in a consistent and ongoing quality fruit set.

Plant health is monitored very closely by knowledgeable growers who regularly scout the crops to check that maximum health is maintained.

The industry also makes use of biological control and beneficial insects to help control pests in the glasshouse. Biological control includes beneficial insects like Encarsia Formosa, which is a predator of tomato's main pest, whitefly.

New Zealand tomato packing and storage facilities are also state of the art, and include technologies to maintain product quality and temperature ensuring the health, shelf life and flavour of the product.

New Zealand tomato growers grow and market a wide range of cultivars to suit individual customer requirements. We have extensive air and sea freight options able to service any market throughout Asia and the Pacific Rim.