Aug 17 2020

Tamarixia release project grower information and guides

The three-year SFF programme to improve the control of TPP with Tamarixia finished on the 30th June 2020.   The project, which started in 2016 following approval for the importation and release of Tamarixia triozae, a parasitic wasp of TPP, with the goal of establishing self-sustaining populations of Tamarixia in New Zealand, to contribute to the control of TPP.

During the project Tamarixia was released onto African boxthorn (a non-crop host of TPP) at sites in the Hawke’s Bay and Canterbury over the spring/summer period.  Findings from surveying the release locations provided evidence of Tamarixia parasitizing TPP confirming that Tamarixia can establish self-sustaining populations in New Zealand where year-round populations of its TPP host can survive and environmental conditions are favourable. 

While the long-term hope is that Tamarixia will establish self-sustaining populations in the natural environment, growers can also potentially use Tamarixia to help reduce TPP numbers in their crops by carrying out targeted BCA releases into cropping environments.  

To assist growers understand how best to use Tamarixia in seasonal pest management programmes the project team have developed the following guides for release and management of Tamarixia as a tool for TPP in their crops:

Supply of Tamarixia is now being managed commercially by Bioforce Ltd.   

Read the full article on the project published by Dr Sally Anderson in NZ Grower August 2020.