Jan 25 2018

Greenhouse Nutrient Discharge Good Practice

In May 2017 TomatoesNZ, in conjunction with VegetablesNZ, updated resources to help greenhouse vegetable growers manage wastewater discharge.

The Greenhouse Nutrient Solution Discharge – requirements for achieving Good Practice is available here. This document includes a checklist, decision tree, and reference values as a self-audit tool to assist you in determining if your greenhouse nutrient solution discharge meets Good Practice.

This resource references to the following 2007 documents which are still relevant:
A Code of Practice for the Management of Greenhouse Nutrient Discharges (2007);
A Growers’ Guide to the Management of Greenhouse Nutrient Discharges (2007)

The last page (pg5) of the Good Practice guide refers to Auckland, but it can be changed to storage requirements and permitted activity rules for other councils.

The "Discharge Management Plan" document is a guide to assist growers in developing a management plan.

These resources have been designed for growers to understand and implement good management practices for nutrient management, and to assist where resource consent is required from Regional Council.

We also have available (on request), a case study document for the Auckland council consenting process.