Mar 29 2019

Biocontrol Research

Two well attended workshops were held during March in Clevedon and Lincoln to update growers on the work being done on biocontrol research, with a particular focus on covered crops.

The workshops updated on recent work on the new TPP (tomato-potato pysllid) biocontrol agent Tamarixia triozae.  Growers discussed their challenges in managing TPP and greenhouse pests, and what further work is needed to support non-agrichemical pest management in the greenhouse.

Presentations were provided by:

  • Dr Shola Olaniyan, Bio-Protection Research Centre, Lincoln University
  • Professor Steve Wratten, Bio-Protection Research Centre, Lincoln University
  • Dr Melanie Davidson, Plant & Food Research
  • Dr Sally Anderson, Vegetable Research and Innovation Board

Their presentations and handouts can be downloaded below.  Work on these projects includes funding by the Sustainable Farming Fund, AGMARDT, and industry.