If you are actively engaged in the commercial production of tomatoes in New Zealand for sale on the fresh domestic or fresh export markets (but excluding tomatoes grown for processing), you are entitled to membership of TomatoesNZ Inc.  

To qualify for membership of TomatoesNZ inc. growers need to have paid a fresh tomato commodity levy during the preceding 12 months.

Join Tomatoes New Zealand Incorporated.

TomatoesNZ Inc. is affiliated to Horticulture New Zealand, and is funded by a commodity levy, under the Commodity Levies Act 1990.

Commercial fresh tomato growers are required to pay a commodity levy of 35c per $100 of sales at the first point of sale (or free on board for exports) to TomatoesNZ, plus a levy of 15c per $100 of sales to Horticulture New Zealand on all fresh tomato sales. The levy is collected by Horticulture New Zealand, either through a direct levy declaration, or a levy collection agent. For more information on paying the levy, please visit the Horticulture New Zealand membership levy page.

Please contact us for more information about membership of TomatoesNZ Incorporated.

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