Commodity Levy Referendum voting NOW CLOSED

Commodity Levy Referendum voting NOW CLOSED

Voting is now finished.  Final results are:


Do you support the proposed Tomatoes New Zealand levy?       
Vote Head Count % Head Count % Weighting
Yes 35 87.50% 86.50%
No 5 12.50% 13.50%

 The voting return percentage was 32.52%, being 40 out of 123 Tomato growers. 

Fresh Tomato Commodity Levy Referendum voting.

Voting papers will be in the post in the first week of July.   It can take up to five days to receive your voting pack in the post.  If you have not received it by 10th July, please phone 0800 666 033. 

TomatoesNZ needs your support so that we can demonstrate a strong grower mandate for continuing our work for the fresh tomato industry.  We undertake tomato specific work on your behalf, and this supports the wider industry work of Horticulture New Zealand.  

Download a copy of the Fresh Tomato Levy Voting Information HERE

For further information about the Fresh Tomato Commodity Levy click HERE.

For information in Chinese click 公民投票信息 HERE

For information in Korean click 토마토뉴질랜드의과세에관한투표안내 날짜 HERE

You can contact us with any questions, or for further information, on 0508 467 869. Voting closes 13th August 2018.